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Citrix Intelligent WorkSpace

What is Citrix Intelligent WorkSpace

Boosting Employee Engagement and Productivity

Today’s workspaces are flooded with countless apps, logins and alerts. Every day, workers spend hours navigating through the many work-related apps, repeating the same old steps over and over again, trying to find the required information and relevant documents. Having to work with so many tools can easily become frustrating. Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Salesforce and many other, similar applications have become an essential part of a typical workday. Although all of them claim to improve employee productivity, making tasks and finding information easier, the reality is anything but. Most of these tools offer overlapping functionalities, and accessing information distributed among various apps requires multi-step procedures. As a result, a number of employees find themselves spending too much time in carrying out mundane tasks and basic communications every day. 

What is Citrix Intelligent WorkSpace

To tackle this issue of overwhelming information and countless tools and applications, Citrix came up with an Intelligent Workspace solution that essentially organizes all the apps, documents, tasks, alerts and more from the entire technology stack and provides a consolidated view across all user devices. Regardless of where a person logs in from and the device they choose to use,  Citrix intelligent Workspace ensures that the information and alerts across platforms, devices and networks are consistent. 

It provides a News Feed quite similar to the social media feeds that we are accustomed to. The critical tasks, relevant notifications and alerts are organized to grab instant attention. But it does a lot more than that. The Intelligent Workspace allows employees to accomplish simple, repetitive tasks across multiple applications with a single click or two, saving the time and effort spent in following multi-step procedures for switching between applications. Companies can even define custom workflows and create micro apps through a simple drag and drop feature. 

A Better Digital Experience can Improve Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Better employee engagement can translate into high productivity, increasing a company’s profit margins by about 22%. The vast number of tools and applications, unlike employers believe, are often too overwhelming for the employees. As a result, employees spend their hours performing mundane tasks instead of the more fulfilling work that they should be doing. A bad digital experience at workspace reduces employee satisfaction and triggers job abandonment rate. Considering the high cost of hiring new talent and the need for talent retention in today’s competitive environment, reduced employee engagement can end up being quite costly for a company. 

At the workplace, employees are the consumers that demand ease-of-use with technology. Citrix Intelligent Workspace offers just that. It introduces flexibility to do their jobs wherever, whenever. It offers synchronization and consistency across devices and networks. Whether employees work from an office, home or a park, the experience remains equally seamless. When employees’ digital needs and expectations are met, they’re better engaged and are less likely to quit.

Easy Access to Relevant Information

Another reason for reduced employee productivity is that all the important information is scattered across multiple work-related apps and tools. Having to navigate through so many tools and cloud storage from multiple providers to find the required files and folders is time consuming and cumbersome. Citrix Intelligent WorkSpace introduces micro apps that allow employees to access exactly what they need without undergoing multi-step, complicated procedures for accessing different apps. Employees can define their own workflows to ensure that Citrix Workspace presents the information along with the next course of action according to the employee’s preferences and requirements. Additionally, it also comes with a universal search feature that instantly puts all the documents and folders at employees’ fingertips.

Removing Distracting Alerts and Notifications

With so many applications, each serving its own purpose, countless alerts and notifications are inevitable. Not only are they distracting, but most of them are also irrelevant. Checking each and every one of them is time-consuming and significantly compromises overall productivity. Citrix Workspace presents the perfect solution by consolidating the alerts from all applications into a single newsfeed. Citrix Intelligent Workspace also prioritizes the alerts and notifications according to their importance and relevance. With a single click or two, employees can take the necessary action after viewing the alert without switching tabs or opening separate applications. Removing such distractions and the need to repeatedly open or switch between applications saves hours that can be utilized in doing critical and productive tasks that need employee’s attention.

Final Word

Technology at work often becomes distracting and overwhelming causing the employees to wander away mentally. Reduced productivity, high job abandonment rate and decreased employee satisfaction are all the consequences of a digital experience that does not fulfill employee needs. Citrix Intelligent Workspace aims to target all these problems that reduce employee engagement and consequently, decrease productivity. It allows companies to make everyday tasks easy, seamless and quick for their employees.