Application Level

Time to Securely Access Applications

Never Give Direct Access to Applications

At the Application Level, our approach separates the users even further from the applications and data, to make sure we are maintaining proper network segmentation and isolation of data.  Although you have a secure connection, we still want to make sure that the session never has direct access to any application or data. This ensures an additional layer of security that ensures that the application and data are always separated and isolated away from the user and the device. 

Protecting Your Most Valuable and Vulnerable Assets –  Apps and APIs

Our application security solutions are built on a delivery architecture that promotes zero trust and secure edge principles.  This said all applications are highly secure with no direct user access to the Applications or APIs themselves.

  • Virtualization of Applications and Desktops

  • Providing a comprehensive integrated protection such as DDoS, WAF, OWASP top 10, ML-driven, zero- day attack, API, bot management.

  • Gain actionable insights to know which Apps are under attack, types of attacks, threat origins.

  • Deploy App security faster with Web App and API protection, simpler, cloud delivered, nothing to install, always latest protection.

  • Consolidate access to all Applications regardless of location.

  • Provide secure access to Apps, gateways, internal web and SaaS applications.

True Benefits of Increased Application Performance, Availability, and Analytics

As we build out the Zero Trust delivery architecture for your Applications, we ensure high availability and business continuity for applications delivered by enterprise IT by mitigating the causes of business disruptions, including server, network, and cloud outages, and application performance issues.

  • High Availability with Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), ensuring users will always be able to access any application.

  • Support for FIPS and SSL on multi-tenant platform.

  • Full visibility into the App Delivery environment with the ability to monitor and compare App performance.

  • Active-Active clustering up to 32 nodes