Citrix Managed Services

Offers “Peace of Mind” when it comes to Citrix environments, let our experience be a resource to your team.

ProAction 360 Program

Fully Managed Services 

ProAction 360 is our annual, fully managed services plan. This plan was developed to provide an extension of your technology team, to maintain the health of your Citrix environment. Providing you with a fully managed Citrix environment with Best Practice in tow. 

Advisory 330 Program

Consultancy Services

This advisory program is offered as a 6 or 12 month program, featuring weekly or bi-monthly sessions. This program is designed to further educate your technology team on the recently deployed Citrix Solution.  Advising your team with troubleshooting, maintenance, and incident reviews.

Access and Control Infrastructure Management

Secure access to your Apps and Data is the most important part of your environment.  Maintaining the Security and Performance of your Application Delivery Controllers is crucial, from a security assessment and optimization, to upgrades and vulnerability reviews.  

User Experience

If your end-users are having a bad user experience, your Citrix environment will never yield the results it promises to deliver. With continuous monitoring and proactive help desk-like service, LKMethod makes sure that users experience minimum logon times and enjoy optimal desktop performance.

Feature Short

To upgrade, or not to upgrade? That is the question that haunts business owners every time new Citrix versions come out.  LKMethod will not only help you make the right choice, but also take over the entire change and configuration management of newer versions. This way, you get maximum ROI as your employees achieve higher productivity levels.


From Application and Desktop performance reviews to problem remediation. If you do not have the extensive knowledge of Citrix and what you are looking for, your environment may be exposed to serious security and performance complications.

Citrix Knowledge Gap

Tap into industry-leading expertise with LKMethod’s services to fill in the resource and skills gap for managing your Citrix environment. Our team works as an extension of your in-house IT department to assume complete responsibility for your Citrix deployment.

Issue Remediation

Any delay in detecting and addressing Citrix-related issues can affect user satisfaction and productivity. With its customer-centric approach, LKMethod brings issue remediation for all service-related issues at your fingertips, pretty much like in-house help-desk support.

We want to be your Solutions Partner of Choice.