Fintech Solutions

Streamline and reduce the cost of operations, management and maintenance while increasing flexibility in resource utilization.

Technology Solutions for Financial Services

Access & Control

Secure and control all user access to any application or data with granular policy controls across a highly flexible architecture.

Data Center Modernization

Increase security and performance while simultaneously consolidating your infrastructure into DOD rated appliances.


Secure personal, corporate, and IOT devices using an internet connection. All devices on local and external networks.

Secure Connection

Quickly and securely connect all branch locations, employees, and customers to your highly regulated financial Apps.

WorkStyle Flexibility

Boost employee experience with single sign-on access to all Apps, data, and files regardless the device or location

Citrix Managed Services

We offer three different programs depending on your needs and resources. An advisory, full, or hybrid management program.

Financial Success Case

Fourth largest credit union in the United States, with almost $25B in assets and over 1.2M members, leads innovation to improve Operational Efficiency, while improving Customer Experience!

We are seeing positive results with employee and customer experiences through faster login times, accessibility, and onboarding.   The technical team is running efficiently with fewer support tickets, the ability to onboard faster (both employees and technologies), and continuing to focus on new projects with the management of services being offloaded. 

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Strategic Client Technology Partnerships

Increase Application Security & Performance

First is to allow easier management and secure access to applications and desktops on the floor or in a call center; a great deal of organizations in this industry are currently using Citrix for this type of need.  Citrix can also be used to extend the life and reduce the support burden of PC Hardware that is placed at the desk locations.

Financial services companies are largely concerned about security and we have vast expertise in architecting the Citrix environment to adhere-to and enforce SOX/PCI Compliance.  In fact, over 75% of the financial organizations we enter do not have a high-security Citrix deployment.   In addition to architecting a secure Citrix deployment, we have successfully provided Web Application Firewall capabilities to front-end many at-risk applications using Citrix assets already owned.

Citrix also provides the ability to enable higher security, higher availability, lower cost, and lower administrative overhead to managing and connecting branch offices.  Couple superior branch communications with a secure Citrix architecture, secure Web Applications, and either multi-datacenter or cloud integration and we provide Financial Institutions with the most robust, secure, highly performing and available computing architecture available.