Airline IT Solutions

Keeping aircrafts flying, flights on time, and employees always securely connected.

Technology Solutions for Airline Industries

Access & Control

Secure access to all web browsing, Apps, and critical data. Single point of entry for all connections.

Data Center Modernization

Drastically reduce operational costs while increasing security and performance of your data center.

WorkStyle Flexibility

Give your workforce a secure solution allowing access to all Apps and data providing a stellar user experience.

Secure Connection

Quickly connect maintenance facilities, crew rooms, and users to your highly regulated Apps.


Secure personal, corporate, and IOT devices using an internet connection. All devices on local and external networks.

Managed Services

Managed services available to supplement and train your staff or we manage the entire solution ourselves.

Increase Application Security & Performance

At LKMethod, we help you solve your challenges by assessing the problem, then creating a IT Strategy that solves that problem.  This strategy is built around the future of your organization and business goals.  Giving organizations, like yourself, a secure method to deliver their critical applications and data to employees, partners, and customers regardless of where they are accessing the information from.  If using fat Apps, we develop the systems to provide the virtualization, storage, database, and compute resources.  On top of that, we architect the presentation layer (how and where end users access their applications and data) in a standard and secure manner. 

Application and Data Security

The Solution provided is built on a highly secure and flexible delivery architecture that has been following the Zero Trust principles for over a decade. This proven delivery architecture allows for future technology adoption without rearchitecting.  A secure architecture that your Security team will be confident in.  Your CTO has an environment that meets the current requirements of the business while also being exceptionally flexible and able to deliver 100% cloud-enabled workloads (i.e. 100% future-ready). 

Improving User Experience & Workability

The employees struggle is real, slow login times, multiple usernames and passwords to remember, and numerous locations to access apps and data.  Why not make it easy, provide a solution that is easy to use and allows employees to focus on their tasks instead of the technology.  Increasing the speed of login times, giving them the ability to access all their Apps and data using a single sign-on experience from any device.  Improving the user experience that translates into happy and productive employees. 

Operational Management

Our solutions give IT and Security teams the tools and systems to provide a seamless solution to the business that makes your life easier with less worry and limited to no downtime.  Full Security Analytics and Performance monitoring.  Also providing micro-apps to allow for automating many mundane tasks, which saves on time and money. 

Customer Testimonial – Use Case


Mesa Airlines

The LKMethod team has consistently delivered an unparalleled level of service and deliverables for each and every project we’ve engaged them on.  We’ve consistently relied on their technical knowledge to help us prepare and implement numerous technologies, not the least of which is Citrix.  Lyndall is an expert in all of the Citrix technologies offered.  He has built and implemented a system that delivers reliable applications to multiple locations and thousands of users, as well as SDWAN and endpoint protection within the enterprise. 

I highly recommend Lyndall and the LKMethod team to anyone who needs expert advice and guaranteed results.