Construction IT Solutions

Keep employees, subs, and customers on the same page is crucial to meeting deadlines, our solutions make that happen.

Technology Solutions for Construction

Secure Access & Control

Secure access to all web browsing, apps, and critical data. Single point of entry for all connections.

Cloud Migration

Eliminate complexities of App management, by building a hybrid cloud environment for your Apps.


Secure personal, corporate, and IOT devices using an internet connection. All devices on local and external networks.

Data Center Modernization

Reduce operational costs while increasing security and performance of your Data Center.

WorkStyle Flexibility

Give your workforce a secure solution allowing access to all Apps and Data, providing a stellar user experience.

Managed Services

Managed services available to supplement and train your staff or we manage the entire solution ourselves.

Increase Application Security & Performance

At LKMethod, we help construction companies develop a secure method to deliver their critical applications and data to employees, subs, and customers regardless of where they are accessing the information from.  If using fat Apps, we develop systems to provide the virtualization, storage, database, and compute resources.  On top of that, we architect the presentation layer (how and where end users access their applications and data) in a standard and secure manner. 

Application and Data Security

The Solution provided is built on a highly secure and flexible delivery architecture that has been following the Zero Trust principles for over a decade. This proven architecture allows for future technology adoption without rearchitecting.  A secure architecture that your Security team will be confident in.  Your CTO has an environment that meets the current requirements of the business while also being exceptionally flexible and able to deliver 100% cloud-enabled workloads (i.e. 100% future-ready). 

Improving User Experience

Your users are given a solution that is easy to use and allows them to focus on their work instead of technology.  Increasing the speed of App load times, giving your users the ability to access all their Applications using a single sign-on experience from any device. Improving the user experience that translates into happy and productive users. 

App Management

Our solutions give your team the tools and systems to provide a seamless solution to the business that makes your life easier with less worry and downtime.

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