Our Professional Services

Our Top Priority is to deliver you a Highly Secure Solution that works immediately.

We also ensure to work with you beyond your project deployment, helping you grow long term.  Every environment is different, below is a list of the services that we offer to our customers.  Our professional service engineers have over two decades of in-depth knowledge, understanding the challenges that you face today and how to solve them!

Application Delivery Services

  • Application Delivery Assessment
  • Application Delivery Strategy
  • Application and Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Delivery Architecture Design/ Re-Design

  Deployment: To Establish/ Maintain

  • A Future Ready & Flexible Environment
  • A Security Compliant Environment
  • Highly Available Single Datacenter
  • Geo-Redundant Environment to multiple Brick and Mortar Datacenters
  • Geo-Redundant Environment from a Single Datacenter to Cloud
  • Geo-Redundant Environment from a Single Datacenter to Multi-Cloud

  Security (Layers 3-7)

  • Assess, Recommend, and Deploy a High Security Architecture
  • Governance / Risk / Compliance
  • Zero Trust Application Delivery

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment/ Cloud Strategy Development
  • Cloud Based App Delivery Architecture Design, Deployment, Hardening, Security
  • Cloud as Disaster Recovery
  • Establish/ Maintain a Geo-Redundant Cloud Native Environment
  • Establish/ Maintain a Geo-Redundant Multi-Cloud Native Environment
  • Desktop as a Service in your tenant
  • Desktop as a Service (Outsourced General-Purpose Desktop)

Data Center Modernization Services

  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure
  • Host Lateral Security Assessment and Hardening
  • Automation and Orchestration Integration
  • Hypervisor Migrations
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Deployment

Managed Services Programs

  • Monthly or Yearly Time Blocks
  • Quarterly Maintenance
  • Staff Development/ Transition Training
  • Co-Managed Application Delivery
  • Co-Managed Application or Desktop Virtualization
  • Fully Managed Application Delivery
  • Reactive Support (All the Above)