Our Technical Services

Our Top Priority is to deliver you a Highly Secure Solution that works immediately.

We can handle any project, no matter how large or complex.

Please take a look at our services below.

IT Strategy & Consulting

Our technology consultants are the real deal. They have a wealth of experience solving problems in every environment and can handle even the most complex projects.

Security Assessments

Our assessment will identify the root of your security and continuity challenges and show you how to improve your environment for the future.

Project Design & Integration

We’ll design, build and integrate a Zero Trust solution that provides high security and business flexibility across every component of your environment from identity to host.

Citrix Managed Services

Our managed services programs help achieve high performance, stability, and security within your technology stack, from an advisory role to a fully managed service.

Cloud Security & Migration

Our cloud migration strategy will help you simplify moving your Apps to a cloud or hybrid multi-cloud environment, providing an easy-to-manage platform. 

Network Audits

Our network audits will find and free up unnecessary expenditures within an environment, from unused technology solutions to unused licensing.

Common Problems We Solve

Security and Compliance Challenges

Technology Restraints with M&A

Logon Performance Issues

VDI Management


Cloud Migration and Security Challenges

Application and Data Accessibility

Sustained Performance Issues

Connection Failures


Whether we are consulting on a project or providing the complete design and integration of a project, our professional services engineers are experts when meeting all your technology needs.  The LKMethod team comes from prominent security software companies and networking teams. They consistently stay ahead of the curve holding numerous certifications and extensive knowledge within high-security environments.

The LKMethod is a proven end-to-end solution trusted by high-security organizations nationwide.  Decide for yourself and partner with a technology company that understands how to align technology to solve your toughest of challenges.

Popular Technical Services Packages

Application Delivery

  • Application Delivery Assessment
  • Application Delivery Strategy
  • Application and Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Delivery Architecture Design/ Re-Design

 Deployment: To Establish/ Maintain

  • A Future Ready & Flexible Environment
  • A Security Compliant Environment
  • Highly Available Single Datacenter
  • Geo-Redundant Environment to multiple Brick and Mortar Datacenters
  • Geo-Redundant Environment from a Single Datacenter to Cloud
  • Geo-Redundant Environment from a Single Datacenter to Multi-Cloud

  Security (Layers 3-7)

  • Assess, Recommend, and Deploy a High Security Architecture
  • Governance / Risk / Compliance
  • Zero Trust Application Delivery

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment/ Cloud Strategy Development
  • Cloud Based App Delivery Architecture Design, Deployment, Hardening, Security
  • Cloud as Disaster Recovery
  • Establish/ Maintain a Geo-Redundant Cloud Native Environment
  • Establish/ Maintain a Geo-Redundant Multi-Cloud Native Environment
  • Desktop as a Service in your tenant
  • Desktop as a Service (Outsourced General-Purpose Desktop)

Data Center Modernization 

  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure
  • Host Lateral Security Assessment and Hardening
  • Automation and Orchestration Integration
  • Hypervisor Migrations
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Deployment