Healthcare IT Solutions

Delivering highly secure and always available Apps to your providers will result in better patient outcomes.

Technology Solutions for Healthcare

Full Stack EMR/EHR

Be more efficient to deploy, manage, and support your EMR/ EHR Application. Increase security and availability.

Access & Control

Secure access to all web browsing, SaaS services, EMR/ EHR, and PACs. Single point of entry for all connections.

Flexible Architectures

Maximize OPEX vs CAPEX by using on-prem hardware for EMR/ EHR and PACs while offloading other Apps to cloud.

Cloud Migration

Eliminate the complexities of Citrix management, by building a hybrid cloud environment for your Apps and Desktops.


Secure personal, corporate, and IOT devices using an internet connection. All devices on local and external networks.

Citrix Managed Services

We offer three different Citrix® managed programs consisting of an advisory, full, or hybrid management program. 

Healthcare Success Case

Bozeman’s largest healthcare provider and private employer in it’s region, with over 6600 discharges and over 22,000 inpatient days of patient care in 2020.

We are currently leveraging three different tiers of the LKMethod Solution, and now has a clear strategy for today and the future.  Ongoing alignment of the organizations and further adoption of the technology solution continues to increase performance, user experience, and budget management, resulting in superior patient care and outcomes.

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Trusted Healthcare Technology Partnerships

Experienced-focused solutions prioritizing both patients and providers.

At LKMethod, we want healthcare providers to feel the positive impact of their technology, by offering an end to end solution that everyone will experience.  We start this process by meeting with both the technology and security teams, to develop a secure method in how to deliver critical applications and data to providers/partners/patients, regardless of location.  Beginning with an assessment and then proceeding into the development of a strategy that aligns with the business needs and long-term vision. This strategy serves as the foundational pillar for all endeavors, aiming to securely and efficiently deliver critical apps and data while prioritizing an exceptional user experience.

When working with our team of experts, you will see the immediate value and knowledge we bring.  Our engineers are technologists with extensive knowledge within high-security organizations.  Our team will meet, guide, and collaborate with your team to optimize your network for peak performance.

Application Delivery and Data Security

The solution is built on a highly secure and flexible delivery architecture that has followed the Zero Trust principles for over a decade. Our proven reference architecture allows for future technology adoption without rearchitecting.  A secure architecture that your security team will be confident in.  Your CTO has an environment that meets the current requirements of the business while also being exceptionally flexible and able to deliver 100% cloud-enabled workloads (i.e.100% future-ready). 

Our Solution Improves Patient Experience and Outcomes

Your providers are given a solution that is easy to use and allows them to focus on patient care instead of technology.  Increasing the speed of App load times allows your users to access all their Apps using a single sign-on experience from any device. Improving the user experience translates into happy providers and patient outcomes.