LKMethod Cares Program

Builds Brighter Futures is the Heart of Our Community Effort.

Building Brighter Futures

In the tapestry of life, the threads that bind us together are woven with compassion and commitment. At LKMethod, we believe that giving back to the community is not just a responsibility but a heartfelt mission. Our commitment to supporting the well-being, health, and education of the community.  As Children, is at the core of our purpose, it’s about nurturing the future, and we’re proud to be joined by our dedicated partners in this noble journey.

As a proud supporter of The Chandler School’s ACE Program

LKMethod assists with the very first all-female pit crew to assist behind the scenes at the Circuit of the Americas Championship race in Austin, Texas. The ACE Program is an exceptional after-school initiative, meticulously crafted to provide children with an immersive and hands-on education. This unique program grants students an exclusive peek into the captivating realm of race cars and the exhilarating world of motor racing. Through ACE, students delve into the intricacies of these high-performance vehicles, gaining expertise in tasks ranging from engine rebuilding to the precise maintenance carried out within the high-energy atmosphere of the pits.

StrikeOutHunger with LKMethod’s Annual Turkey Bowl

Each year, LKMethod partners with St. Vincent De Paul to address the crucial issue of combating hunger during the holiday season. Through our annual Turkey Bowl event, we unite with our current partners and customers in the technology industry to bowl for a purpose – putting a meal on the table for families in need. In 2022, we were thrilled to announce that we successfully gathered over 250 turkeys, all of which were generously donated to bolster St. Vincent De Paul’s Turkey Tuesday initiative. This heartwarming effort ensures that families can enjoy a meaningful holiday season with the nourishment they deserve.

Essential Tools for Success in Computer Science

LKMethod’s pivotal role as a dedicated supporter in equipping children with essential learning tools cannot be overstated. We are fully committed to the cause, with a particular enthusiasm for science, particularly in the realm of Computer Science. Our delight is amplified by our collaboration with The Chandler School, an institution that mirrors our fervor for education, albeit with a special emphasis on child development. In an era where we increasingly recognize the diverse ways in which children learn, The Chandler School shines as a beacon of excellence, boasting a remarkable teaching staff that excels in nurturing students with dyslexia.

Support for Children and their Advocates

In a heartwarming collaboration, LKMethod has joined forces with our esteemed local partners, TrackRekord and SportTruckRV, to champion a remarkable cause dedicated to children in dire need. This extraordinary organization, ChildHelp, is comprised of incredible individuals and service animals whose unwavering dedication has a profound impact on the lives of children. We were profoundly honored to be a part of this extraordinary event, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting organizations that pour their hearts and souls into bettering the lives of our precious children. 

Continuous Support of the Following Organizations