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LKMethod stands as a leading force in the realm of integrated technology solutions, carving a niche in the dynamic landscape of Application Delivery and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Our unwavering commitment to enhancing business performance and fortifying security positions us as a premier provider for a diverse clientele.

We offer a robust portfolio of IT solutions and software alternatives tailored to meet the evolving needs of today’s business environments. With more than three decades of experience, specializing in network security, we have a strong emphasis on Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), guaranteeing a your defense against digital threats. With the growing popularity of cloud computing the process of migrating your applications to the cloud may seem overwhelming; however, we can support you in achieving a smooth and seamless transition..

Why Businesses Choose LKMethod

Experience & Expertise

Experience is not just a statistic, it’s a testament to the challenges we’ve faced, the problems we’ve solved, and the successes we’ve achieved. Our team possesses in-depth technology expertise.

Seamless Process

We’re dedicated to ensuring that our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, and we guide you through the process with clarity and precision.

Collaborative Partnership

What truly sets us apart is our commitment to working as an extension of your team. We don’t just provide solutions, we become an integral part of your journey towards success.

Our Services Build Resilient, Future-Ready Businesses!

Cloud Security & App Migration

Specializing in secure, seamless on-premises to cloud migrations, whether for ease of use or robust disaster recovery.

Project Design & Integration

Our team will design, build and integrate a Zero Trust solution providing high security and flexibility across any environment.

IT Strategy & Consulting

Unleash the power of expertise with our top-tier technology consultants.  Armed with a wealth of problem-solving experience in any environment.

Specialized Managed Services

We offer tailored programs to position your organization for sustained growth, improved efficiency, and to increase competitive advantage.

Our Method Takes “Zero Trust” to the Next Level!

Elevating this Principle Throughout the Entire Stack.


A progressive authentication process, granting user-specific access to Apps, Data, and Files from any location.


Securing all company and personal devices with advanced threat detection, managed response, and device quarantine.


A digital workspace that eliminates multiple passwords and generates a single sign-on access to any application or resource.


A VPN replacement to an ultra-performing network access solution built from Zero Trust and Secure Edge principles.


A highly secure and ultra-performing solution at the host, offering lateral protection and one-click management.


Stay compliant with reliable and cost-effective solutions to your IT needs, enabling you to focus on your core competencies.

Solving Today’s Challenges, Empowering for Tomorrow!


The challenge of protecting critical Apps and sensitive data from evolving cybersecurity threats.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to industry regulations and compliance standards, ensuring IT systems comply can be complex and resource-intensive

System Downtime

Establishing high availability and quick recovery in the event of breach or failure.

User Experience

Introducing new technologies or changing existing processes can be met with resistance from employees.

Legacy Systems

The struggle with integrating new technologies with existing legacy systems in place.

Budget Constraints

IT departments often face pressure to deliver innovative solutions within budget constraints.

Scalability Issues

Ensuring that systems and applications can handle increased loads without compromising performance.

Balancing Innovation

Striking a balance between adopting innovative technologies and maintaining the stability of existing systems.

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Financial Use Case

Fourth largest credit union in the United States, with almost $25B in assets and over 1.2M members, leads innovation to improve Operational Efficiency, while improving Customer Experience!

We’re witnessing notable improvements in both employee and customer experiences, attributed to expedited login times, enhanced accessibility, and streamlined onboarding processes. The technical team is operating with heightened efficiency, experiencing a reduction in support tickets, accelerated onboarding for both employees and technologies, and maintaining a sharp focus on new projects as service management responsibilities are seamlessly offloaded.

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Healthcare Use Case

Bozeman’s largest healthcare provider and private employer in it’s region, with over 6600 discharges and over 22,000 inpatient days of patient care in 2020.

We’ve successfully integrated the comprehensive LKMethod Solution across three key tiers, charting a strategic course for both the present and the future of our healthcare system. Our concerted efforts to align with this technology and deepen our organizational integration are driving significant enhancements in performance, user experience, and budget management. This transformative approach is directly translating into elevated standards of patient care and superior healthcare outcomes.

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