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Building Secure & Flexible Application Delivery

When demanding more from Application Delivery you expect your apps to be highly Secure, Available, Cloud/On-prem Agnostic, and very Flexible. At LKMethod™ our reference architecture consistently exceeds those requirements and also provides value on your investment in days or weeks rather than months.  


Providing flexible application delivery solutions to the modern business.

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High Security

We deploy an architecture fit to deliver Apps in high security environments.

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Cloud Migration

Deliver fast, secure, and adaptable Apps from any cloud provider.

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Our "WarpSpeed" Delivery

LKMethod’s Warp Speed Delivery is not only separating us from our competitors but are saving you time and money! We provide a very streamline architecture that is not only secure, but flexible which will be delivered MUCH Faster than other companies out there. At LKMethod we listen to your challenges and provide solutions that dominate.


Compliance is a primary concern in the business of technology.  HIPAA rests on your shoulders and can hinder your ability to effectively deliver applications and desktops to your users, clients, and partners. 

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To engage a generation of learners you need secure collaboration, video, more interactivity and to provide the freedom to learn from anywhere. Let’s Discuss a solution for you!

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Financial Sectors

Financial companies are largely concerned about security to adhere-to and enforce SOX/PCI Compliance. Apps and Data are focal points used to drive business forward, is your environment secure and meeting necessary compliances? 

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Contact Centers

Our solutions for contact centers enhances productivity regardless of location, network connectivity, or desktop hardware. With a big push to virtualization our solutions provide a secure virtual workspace anywhere, anytime, from any device. 

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We provide the ability to centralize access and control across multiple cloud providers and on-prem technologies while also enabling flexibility, increased performance, better management visibility, and as always increased security posture.

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