Network Level

Securing the Edge with Zero Trust


Where “The Magic Happens”

Before a user is ever allowed access to your network, we will verify everything from the above user profile,  forward that user to a zero-trust exchange cloud,  proxy their connection, and containerize the internet session. This allows you to secure a user’s entire internet session.  

Replacing the Cumbersome VPN with Zero Trust Network Access

The LKMethod Zero Trust Modernized Architecture ensures your users a fast, compliant, and secure connection from any location.  Because users are always connected through the cloud network security service, access to cloud applications and resources can be granted based on who the user is, including the user’s role within an organization.

  • Improves security by verifying access first before trusting user access.

  • Reduces cyber-risk and improves the enterprise’s security posture.

  • Eliminates east-west traffic movement and ensures that all resources are completely invisible and inaccessible by attackers.

  • Provides real-time visibility to all users, assets and resources.

  • Dynamic risk scoring is being generated on each of the users, assets and resources.

  • Automatically gives users access to authorized and approved resources, regardless of location.

Secure Internet Access On Any Device, From Any Location, In Any Cloud

Now you can control all applications that are out-of-band and all shadow applications a user might access. 

  • Global cloud security footprint ensures close gateway capacity for faster cloud connections.

  • Achieve lower latency, faster speeds, and increased user productivity.

  • HIPAA and PCI achieved through configurable cloud zones and containerization.

  • Results in a sustainable path for a cloud-first future.

  • Reduces Unnecessary load on MPLS and SD-WAN branch office connections.

  • Feature migration in network security appliances to a SAAS model delivered in the cloud.