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Align the Right Technologies for Frictionless Operation

Every organization has a technology stack, but does it align together correctly, that is the question?  Improper technology alignment can result in many challenges, experienced internally and felt externally.  We know these challenges and how to solve them, stemming from point-based solutions, one-off deployments, and just poor technology alignment. 

At LKMethod, we have identified key technologies that work together, seamlessly, resulting in a more secure and flexible environment.  Let our team help you achieve business success with your technology. 


Citrix is known as a very powerful remote computing solution, utilized in organizations for Application Delivery, Geo-Redundancy, and Traffic Management.

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Island, The Enterprise Browser makes work fluid, frictionless, and fundamentally secure. 

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Streamlined management, efficient operations, and up to 80% cost reduction on Azure compute and storage.

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All business products of association including O365 to Azure Virtual Desktop, create an all-in-one desktop in place of VDI.

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Nutanix offers advanced cloud technologies that simplify how you procure, deploy, and manage your IT Services.

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A next-gen edge OS endpoint security, optimization, and control solutions for cloud workspaces and virtual desktops.

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Control Up

Troubleshooting for any desktop - Fewer tickets, closed faster, a better experience now, Improving end user experience.

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Securing every identity, from customers to your workforce with SSO, Multi-factor Authentication, Lifecycle Management, and more.

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Cutting edge endpoint security with 24/7 advanced threat protection and device quarantin to ensure network security.

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A cloud platform that makes your organization more efficient, open and flexible cloud computing platform.
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