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We take a holistic approach with technology, aligning it to the goals of the business.

Who We Are

At LKMethod, we take a holistic approach to your technology, aligning it with the goals of the business. In most organizations there are critical success factors that are commonly overlooked.  These factors can prevent organizations from realizing the true potential of their technology investment and can ultimately prevent their full and successful adoption of any solution.  We pay attention to those factors and make sure that every challenge is solved with the correct technology resulting in the best return on investment.

Our team has over three decades of experience working in high security environments.  For that term we strongly focused on building secure access architectures and remote computing solutions at the Application and Networking level.  But for the past few years we have been applying our method to all levels, internal and external to the network, the Identity, Device, and Host levels.  Contact us today for more information on how we can help your organization be successful with technology.

Our Goal is Your Success!

We want to be your trusted technology partner!

Over the course of 30 years, we have developed a methodology to remove project bottlenecks and to be successfully repeated regardless of the technology, client industry, and final use case.  The proprietary details of The LKMethod™ is your “Golden Ticket” and has differentiated us from other technology partners.. 

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Our Leadership Team

Lyndall Kirkes | Founder & CEO

Lyndall with over 28 years of experience is recognized as a trusted expert in Citrix technologies, the only person in the Citrix Rocky Mountain Region that has earned and maintains the elusive Citrix Networking Specialist designation. Lyndall has been utilizing his knowledge and skill to create systems that help companies deploy their solutions more securely and efficiently. He listens to your challenges as he wants to develop not only a secure but scalable solution that will not hinder a company’s approach to future deployments.

Blake Michael | VP of Strategic Partnerships

Blake is a true leader and innovator in technology with a decade of experience in the secure delivery of applications.  Bringing an extensive background with 10 years in Citrix. Blake leads the West with his forward-thinking solutions industrywide.  Blake focuses on strategizing and delivering solutions from SMBs to Enterprise size organizations. He has extensive knowledge of End User Computing, Secure Internet Access, Secure Access Service Edge, Zero Trust, and Multi-Cloud Access. 

Brandon Boldrini  |  Chief Marketing Officer

Brandon is responsible for all in-person and digital marketing activities, including all inbound and outbound communications with customers and partners. He is the creative coordinator for all events–both internal, corporate, and community (LKMethod Cares Program). Amongst the many projects he has been involved with, he has spent years in the digital media and marketing space, from web design and development to media buying. If there is an education class, promotion, commercial, or event that you see–he’s behind it. 

Eric Nettles  |  Technical Services Manager

Eric is LKMethod’s Director of Technical Services. His mission is the continuous development of the Delivery and Managed Services teams’ wellness, efficacy, and skill. He brings experience with Citrix environments from five to tens of thousands of users, from single datacenter to transcontinental deployments. 

Technical Services Team

Geoff S. 

Professional Services Engineer

Andrew S.

Professional Services Engineer

Tim W.

Professional Services Engineer

Gonzalo M.

Professional Services Engineer

Quincy Y.

Managed Services Engineer