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#1 Provider & Integrator of Citrix in High Security Environments

LKMethod, is recognized by Citrix as one of their Elite Go-To Partners, as we have been deploying our solutions for a very long time – since 1994.  Over the course of the past two decades we have developed a repeatable project methodology.  This methodology ensures success in our WarpSpeed deployments and our customers have benefited from it time and again.

Lyndall Kirkes, CEO, with over 25 years of experience is recognized as a trusted expert in Citrix technologies, the only person in the Citrix Rocky Mountain Region that has earned and maintains the elusive Citrix Networking Specialist designation. Lyndall has been utilizing his knowledge and skill of creating systems that help companies deploy their solutions in a more efficient approach. He listens to your challenges as he wants to develop not only a secure, but scalable solution that will not hinder a companies approach to future deployments.

In 2010 LKMethod, Lyndall was approached by Citrix with the request to align with the Top Citrix Partners Channel, to assist them with sales and delivery of Citrix Solutions.  When it comes to working with our partners we work in a very ethical manner with to ensure a non-competitive environment and since 2010 we have influenced millions of dollars in incremental sales for our partnering organizations.

Our Mission

To deliver Secure and Flexible App Solutions via “The LKMethod” become the global go-to provider for Citrix customers seeking quickest ROI.

Over the course of many years, we have developed our methodology to remove project bottlenecks and be successfully repeated regardless of the Citrix technology, client industry, and final use case.  The proprietary details of The LKMethod™ is the “Golden Ticket” that has differentiated us from most every other Citrix Partner in existence.

We work with clients and partners around the world and nobody has mastered the “art” of efficiency like we have.  Our projects flow very smoothly and are completed within minimal calendar time. More and more of our clients are becoming members of the LKMethod™ as we feel that it is important to have access to not only product savings but continued technical support.

Our Valued Customers

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