Meeting All Security and Compliance Standards

Secure & Flexible Application Delivery

This is why you need an expert in secure application delivery. Access boundaries have shifted from physical to virtual allowing users access to your and/or your customers data from anywhere.  This enables your business to interact with people in new and exciting ways but it also introduces an opportunity to would-be attackers.  Delivering applications in a secure and usable manner is an absolute necessity yet can be very difficult to accomplish without limiting flexibility. Applications are quickly becoming a key differentiator between you and your competition. 


Application delivery is more than just enabling access to an application.  App architectures can be deployed in a manner that inherently increases overall security posture AND accommodates very rapid delivery of new apps and functionalities without compromising compliance, i.e. The LKMethod™ Reference Architecture.

DDOS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a way that attackers compromise the availability of your environment.  Their goal is to cause your app or network to be unavailable to your users, members, or partners.  Our application delivery solutions have built-in protection to block DDoS attacks out-of-the box.


Web App Firewall is a (WAF) that protects web applications and sites from both known and unknown attacks, including all application-layer and zero-day threats. Despite increasing security challenges, our Web App Firewall delivers comprehensive protection without degrading throughput or application response times.

Access & Control

Our Application Delivery Solutions include the ability to ensure you are able to securely deliver and control access to applications for external entities (non-employees) as well as employees.  Protection from the outside world is a common concern, but isn’t the only one.  Single Sign-on, remote access, and content inspection are brought into a single solution for end-to-end Access & Control.  You can protect your network and devices from malware and data leaks and enforce security policies regardless of whether the employee is in the office, at home, or travelling.  This secure but flexible solution aims to increase user productivity and overall business flexibility by allowing instant and secured access to data, applications, or desktops anytime, anywhere, on any device, and across any network or cloud.

Analytics & Performance

Applications are becoming more and more distributed from on-premise, to cloud, to hybrid multi-cloud.  This not only increases the attack surface but also makes it more difficult to get a complete picture of the user experience and security status.  Our Application Delivery Management system manages, monitors, and troubleshoots your global app delivery from the data center to your branch offices and cloud through a single, unified console. Real-time network analytics information is collected and correlated across users and devices to give a complete picture of the infrastructure. Application Delivery Management allows you to identify and address performance issues and security threats rapidly and effectively.

Traffic Management

You are either already managing many applications or you will be very soon.  Apps today are delivered from Hybrid Multi-Cloud environments comprised of company owned Datacenters, SaaS, public cloud, and private cloud.  Your users are global and constantly on the move.  How you maintain security, visibility, functionality, and availability are key to your success.

Load Balancing

Application availability and scalability are no longer enough.  Today’s enterprises require high security, adaptability, and performance for their business-critical Web apps – all integrated into a single solution. There has been a  handful of key changes and trends that have taken hold since SLBs were first introduced. What these changes and trends expose is the need for enterprises to step up from a simple load balancing solution to a more comprehensive application delivery solution—a solution that addresses not just scalability and availability of the application environment, but application performance, security and adaptability as well.

Availability – GEO Redundancy

Having apps in the cloud and on premises means you must provide access to, manage, optimize, and monitor them regardless of where they reside.  You need to be able to choose any cloud that best fits your needs without being constrained by the provider.  Our solution is built with a software-first approach making it fully supported in any cloud and on-premise environment, resulting in an exceptional application experience in your hybrid multi-cloud environment with continuous optimization and availability of all of your applications, at all times.

Performance Optimization

Deliver your apps securely, reliably, and optimized and elevate the user experience with more responsive applications regardless of where they reside – on premise or in a hybrid multi-cloud environment.  We have proven L4-7 capabilities that offers app and infrastructure intelligence and includes a complete end-to-end app delivery solution that encompasses server-side and WAN optimizations, in addition to securing access to SaaS applications.

Analytics & Performance

Our Application Delivery Management system manages, monitors, and troubleshoots your global app delivery from the data center to your branch offices and cloud through a single, unified console. Real-time network analytics information is collected and correlated across users and devices to give a complete picture of the infrastructure. Application Delivery Management allows you to identify and address performance issues and security threats rapidly and effectively.

Cloud Application Services

Today’s world is one in which declarations like “Cloud-First” are being made.  We work with you to transform your business and securely integrate your cloud-based apps into a portable application delivery strategy that spans cloud providers and also provides centralized control and analytics.

Public Cloud

In a public cloud deployment the cloud providers will have security guarantees on the infrastructure that they are providing.  Unfortunately, those guarantees do not extend to the applications and data that are resident in their infrastructure – that responsibility rests on your shoulders.  Our Application Delivery Strategies span your local datacenter and make the public cloud an extension of your existing environment allowing you to leverage the people, skills, and tools that you already rely on to manage and maintain your apps.

Private Cloud

Some enterprises wish to build their own private cloud environment to accelerate their business technology.  To gain the real efficiencies of a private cloud, app services like secure application delivery, orchestration, cloud management, consulting, and support are all necessary considerations. Our application delivery platform meets all of these needs and our LKMethod™provides the knowledge to help architect your provider and tenant tiers to provide proper segregation of services.


We find that many organizations are not willing to be bound to a single cloud provider.  How you architect your application delivery solution will determine whether you will succeed or fail in a multi-cloud approach.  Areas of concentration should be around analytics, common code base, access and control, cloud availability and failover, monitoring and notification, performance optimization, and management orchestration.  


Businesses today are recognizing that datacenters are very expensive, thus more and more are placing their applications in a colocation environment.  This has distinct benefit in that they gain the flexibility and scalability of a public cloud but maintain the responsibility for security, management of traffic, and availability of applications and services.  Our solutions are fully supported across on-prem, colo, public, and private cloud environments. 

Digital Workspaces

Create a modern digital workspace and increase employee productivity and satisfaction by allowing them to work from anywhere WHILE also decreasing costs.  Deliver Windows, Linux, and web applications or full virtual desktops from any cloud and/or on-premises.


Digital transformation requires businesses to provide a superior employee experience for higher productivity and stronger security policies for data loss prevention. Citrix Workspace delivers consistent user experience and performance through adaptive, context-aware virtualization technologies ensuring high-quality experience regardless of source, network, or device. Cloud builds on this superior experience by simplifying identity management through a conditional single-sign-on (SSO) solution. Citrix Workspace fully aggregates all apps and data across all applications—both on-premises and cloud—to deliver the right experience to the right user at the right time.

Virtual Apps and Desktops

Virtual Apps and Desktops provides benefits beyond standard VDI appliance solutions, delivering fully-functioning virtual Windows or Linux desktops and the apps employees need to remain productive. A virtual desktop or app looks and feels the same as a locally installed desktop or application —even with demanding applications, such as 3D CAD engineering or design apps.

Analytics & Performance

Application Delivery Management provides full visibility and insights into your Virtual Apps and Desktops using intelligent analytics. You rely on Virtual Apps and Desktops for application and desktop virtualization. The foundation of virtualization solutions is HDX technology that has been architected to intelligently adapt our Independent Computing Architecture (ICA™) protocol to a wide variety of user and network scenarios. Our Application Delivery Management provides unique visibility into the overall performance of Citrix HDX technology and the ICA protocol giving you insights to optimize the delivery of Virtual Apps and Desktops.

Endpoint & Content Management

Start managing all your devices including desktops, laptops, handheld devices, and IoT from a single platform and provide your users a better experience with access to all their apps and files from a single intuitive interface.

Device Management

Endpoint Management goes beyond basic unified endpoint management and delivers unified experience management giving users the ability to access all their apps and files. IT has the ability to manage any device including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and IoT across a number of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS.

Secure File Sharing

Mobility has changed the way people work—and it’s also changing the way enterprises handle on-premises and cloud data storage. Enterprise mobility hinges on accessibility. People need the ability to access their files from any device, at any given moment. IT admins require customizable on premises, cloud, or hybrid storage options— for flexibility that meets the needs of the business.

Enable true business-class data security for mobile users while maintaining total IT control. Your team or clients can access, sync, and securely share files from anywhere, on any device. Automate feedback and approval workflows to streamline your business and maximize productivity.


Employees feel they need to be connected at all times and bring their own devices into the workforce to do so. While bring-your-own device (BYOD) allows for device freedom, it potentially exposes corporate data to security risks.

With our Endpoint Management, organizations can ensure that they have combined policies, procedures and technologies to protect their corporate data regardless of where the it is accessed or resides. Through mobile app and device management, Endpoint Management secures corporate data and mobilizes productivity, enabling device freedom for the end user without the added stress on IT.

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