Hospitality IT Solutions

Easily connect all locations and give employees the ability to provide better customer service without long wait times or downtime.

Technology Solutions for Hospitality

Access & Control

Secure access to all web browsing, Apps, and critical data. Single point of entry for all connections.

Data Center Modernization

Build a high performing data center that features increased security and one-click management.

WorkStyle Flexibility

Boost employee experience with single sign-on access to all Apps, data, and files regardless the device or location.

Secure Connection

Quickly connect all remote locations, employees, and vendors to all Apps and resources, regardless of location.


Secure personal, corporate, and IOT devices using an internet connection. All devices on local and external networks.

Managed Services

Alleviate the stress of managing another technology environment with our professionally managed services.

We understand your Challenges, it’s time to solve them!

First is to allow easier management and secure access to applications and desktops on the floor or in a call center, which in fact a great deal of hospitality groups are currently using Citrix for this type of need.  Our solutions can also be used to extend the life and reduce the support burden of PC Hardware that is placed at the desk locations.

Concerned about security of guest information and employee connectivity to business critical applications.  At LKMethod, we have vast expertise in architecting an environment to adhere-to and enforce security, such as SOX/PCI Compliance.  In fact, over 75% of the hospitality groups that engage with us, do not have a high-security deployment.  In addition to architecting a secure solution, we have successfully provided Web Application Firewall(WAF) capabilities to front-end applications using assets already owned.

These solutions provide the ability to enable higher security, higher availability, lower cost, and lower administrative overhead to managing and connecting your locations.  Couple superior communications with a secure architecture, Secure Web Applications, and either multi-datacenter or cloud integration, and we will provide you with the most robust, secure, highly performing and available computing architecture available.

Cloud Benefits in Hospitality

Cloud services is highly adopted when identity management can be disjointed leading to difficulty in overall access and control. Our Cloud Solution gives you the ability to centralize access and control across multiple cloud providers and on-prem technologies while also enabling flexibility, increased performance, better management visibility, and as always increased security posture.

Additional benefits include a Zero Trust Security model, easy management, increased App performance, and once migrated, you will see a drastic cost savings.