Identity Level

Create a Secure and Frictionless User Experience


The User, Location, and Single Sign-on

Set the foundation of how a user is going to interact with your network, applications, and data.  Providing  a “follow the user” security profile to make sure you are constantly verifying their credentials, level of access, etc. before they are ever able to access any resource.

A Highly Secure & Delightful Experience

Secure your workforce—no matter their location—with LKMethod’s workforce identity solutions. Get the tools to secure and automate cloud journeys, with full support for hybrid environments along the way.

  • Enable productivity without compromising security

  • Centralize IAM and enable day-one access for all

  • Modernize IT, without headaches

  • Move to a Zero Trust Architecture preventing data breach

  • Minimize costs and foster org-wide innovation

  • Reduce IT complexities as partner ecosystems grow

Support Your Most Important Customer-Facing Initiatives.

Build auth into any app. Create secure, delightful experiences quickly by offloading customer identity management to LKMethod.

  • Secure your transition into the API economy

  • Retire legacy identity and scale app development

  • Create, apply, and adapt API authorization policies

  • Create a seamless experience across apps and portals

  • Secure customer accounts and keep attackers at bay

  • Delight customers with secure, scalable experiences