Identity Level

Create a Secure and Frictionless User Experience


The User, Location, and Single Sign-on

Set the foundation of how a user is going to interact with your network, applications, and data.  Providing  a “follow the user” security profile to make sure you are constantly verifying their credentials, level of access, etc. before they are ever able to access any resource.

A Highly Secure & Delightful Experience

Secure your workforce—no matter their location—with LKMethod’s workforce identity solutions. Get the tools to secure and automate cloud journeys, with full support for hybrid environments along the way.

  • Enable productivity without compromising security

  • Centralize IAM and enable day-one access for all

  • Modernize IT, without headaches

  • Move to a Zero Trust Architecture preventing data breach

  • Minimize costs and foster org-wide innovation

  • Reduce IT complexities as partner ecosystems grow

Support Your Most Important Customer-Facing Initiatives.

Build auth into any app. Create secure, delightful experiences quickly by offloading customer identity management to LKMethod.

  • Secure your transition into the API economy

  • Retire legacy identity and scale app development

  • Create, apply, and adapt API authorization policies

  • Create a seamless experience across apps and portals

  • Secure customer accounts and keep attackers at bay

  • Delight customers with secure, scalable experiences

Champion OKTA as Your Identity Access Manager 

The surge in data breaches poses a challenge for businesses striving to fortify their systems while minimizing user inconvenience. While robust security protocols can ensure system safety, they often lead to decreased productivity as users grapple with incessant security prompts. Okta addresses this issue through its adaptive and cutting-edge access and identity technology.

By utilizing a single sign-on (SSO) application, Okta offers a unified interface for accessing third-party platforms. A key component of Okta’s proactive security strategy is its implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Through Okta’s advanced MFA technology, organizations can protect their accounts from credential theft and fraud, effectively keeping malicious actors at bay. Okta provides security solutions for a wide range of applications, from customer-facing apps to enterprise apps and sensitive data.

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