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Top Questions Executives Need To Ask their IT Team

As a business leader myself; I’ve begun to realize that a lot of times, I don’t have the proper context for questions I want answered.

For example, you have likely asked your teams “Is it Secure?”

Security is always “top of mind” which is a given, but that question results in subjective answers.

A better question could be “are we partnered with an organization specializing in these solutions within our industry and does our deployment follow manufacturer security best practices?”

Take these crucial points into consideration:

Scalability: You ask – “Is it easy to scale?” I recommend you ask – “Are we limited by where or how our users access our apps/data? What strategy does our solution incorporate for cloud? What limitations does our solution inherently have?”

The goal of your questions should be to determine how easy is it to grow, to add more resources and users across any geographic boundaries?

Flexibility: You ask – “Are our Apps flexible across devices and locations?” I recommend you ask – “How do we allow device independence? How quickly can we migrate to cloud workloads? What limits our ability to quickly adjust technology? Why does our security requirements limit our flexibility with apps/data?”

Apps, Data, and Files should be supported across all devices and users (employees, contractors, and customers), regardless of location.

User Experience: You ask – “Are our employees working remotely?” I recommend you ask – “Can we monitor user efficiency? How do we track user access to apps/data? Do users have to remember multiple usernames and passwords? How long does it take a user to get connected to our systems? Can we monitor performance for remote users?”

Preventing your users from working happy will crush their productivity and engagement. Give them an easy to use platform with a single sign on to all apps and data – 1 location that they can do all their work from.

Compliance: You ask – “Are we Compliant?” I recommend you ask – “Does our remote computing environment conform to manufacturer high security reference architecture? Does our Citrix partner work to educate you on best practices? Have you connected with Citrix to have an assessment performed on our architecture to ensure security best practices?”

While a lot of Apps are compliant, most organizations have not successfully built out the architecture to ensure ongoing application security and continued compliance.

We are a rare breed of Citrix partner, it’s all we do – and we focus on Citrix success within high-security organizations.