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Citrix SD-WAN Event in Denver

We will be in Denver on 3-1 for a Citrix SD-WAN event.

If you didn’t know, Citrix SD-WAN can help improve overall performance and decrease your network costs by:

  1. Increased bandwidth at each branch office for better performance.
    • Not only does Citrix create a “fat-pipe” to aggregate all of the links to utilize all bandwidth at once, but they also simultaneously keeping each link separate and duplicate each individual packet across each individual link.   In short, the packet with the best quality of service will stay active and the others will terminate.   The second that one of the links fails, the packets are still alive on the other links.  This means that the traffic stays active and continues with best quality of service until the other link is repaired which creates an incredible amount of resiliency for mission critical protocols/apps.   In the classic VOIP use case, this means that you will not drop a call if there is an interruption.  The call will fail over to a separate link and continue without have to re-dial or go back into a queue.   This brings branch office an entirely different level of business continuity or disaster recovery to the table.
    • Additionally — if the majority of your apps are being accessed by Citrix ICA/HDX – we can open the ICA traffic and prioritize each individual virtual channel.  If you are running VOIP or Video through the Citrix image or App, we can segment out just that traffic to make sure it has highest priority within the Citrix session.   This means we can provide additional end-user experience while consolidating more apps into Citrix.
  2. Consolidate branch routers and firewalls into a single appliance that has “zero touch deploy”
    • Type in a serial number and let the device boot to join the network.  This brings ease of implementation and ease of scale to multiple branch office locations regionally, nationally, or internationally.
    • We do not require a router refresh like some of our competitors.
  3. Faster Time-to-Vale or Time-to-Revenue
    • Are you completing a merger/acquisition and need to provision network links faster?   Or, are you opening a new branch office soon?
    • With our solution you will be able to fold new customers or end users in faster by not having to wait weeks or months for an ISP.   We can drop in multiple, cheaper links to aggregate the bandwidth in the short terms until a dedicated MPLS link is established.
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