Keep your data safe wherever it is with superior prevention, detection and response that stops more threats, faster.

Why Sophos?

Cybercriminals are constantly engineering new ways to attack your organization. However, staying one step ahead of the bad actors is becoming increasingly challenging as techniques advance and computing power skyrockets, but Sophos offers a better way forward.

Ranked as the number one provider for endpoint protection by many reputable firms, including Gartner, CRN, and PCMag; Sophos Endpoint Protection allows you to achieve unmatched endpoint threat prevention. Sophos is a world leader in End-to-End IT security and leverages Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Anti-Ransomware, Deep Learning, Exploit Prevention, and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to keep your systems safe.

Is your current environment secure enough? Are all your threat sources sufficiently covered? If not, it’s time for advanced endpoint protection with Sophos.

Why Choose LKMethod As Your Sophos Partner?

As a seasoned Sophos services provider, we have the technical know-how and hands-on experience needed to help you achieve your security goals. Our team of experts has intimate knowledge of Sophos solutions and how to best leverage them to protect people, data, and business assets. We also have many decades of experience in all things cybersecurity and are passionate about the latest and most innovative security approaches.

Lastly, we’re client-focused, dependable, and committed to helping our clients accelerate their growth potential. You want to focus on your business, so let us handle the technology.

Our Team

The LKMethod team is carefully selected from partner, vendor, and customer community industry leaders. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to transform business outcomes through compelling customer experiences and technology mastery.

  • Technical Services Expertise: With over 30 years of experience within high security environments, we have with skilled technical Engineers that provide world-class consulting talent and expertise to your team.

  • Customer Solution Managers: Our Strategic Customer Solution Managers average over 20 years of experience and are well versed in data security. LKMethod is with you every step of the way, striving for a trust-based, long lasting business relationships.

Our Methodology

It all starts with a strategy, a roadmap of today, and a plan for helping our customers achieve success in the future. We strive to deliver a solution that achieves high security and flexibility revolving around the user experience. Whether it’s Application and Desktop Virtualization, Secure Internet Access, Web Application Delivery and Security, Hybrid Multi-Cloud, or Cirtix Workspace, LKMethod can guide you from start to finish to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Our “WarpSpeed Process”

Meet: We engage with you early in the decision process to ensure that the purchasing recommendations are properly aligned to the goals of the business and that the total solution delivers on your technology vision.

Design: Once the strategy is in place, we begin our proprietary information gathering process to develop a complete solutions design. With this, we work directly with your team to confirm that the solution aligns with the goals of the business.

Deploy: We want to compliment your internal knowledge strengths with ours. LKMethod ensures that you maintain the keys to the kingdom.  We made the deployment phase very short, once the design has been deployed, your acceptance testing can begin.

Document: Over the years we have learned that proper documentation can mean the difference between a supportable and properly running oiled machine and a hot mess.  Our documentation is a complete run-book which also outlines the logic and the way components run.

Additional Technical Services

  • Virtual Apps and Desktops Deployments

  • ADC/NetScaler Deployments, On-prem or Cloud

  • Endpoint Security & Management Solutions

  • Multi-factor Authentication Integration

  • Digital Workspace Integrations

  • M&A Integrations

  • Multi-Vendor Solutions Alignment

  • On-Prem to Cloud Migrations

  • Upgrades and New Installations

  • Governance & Risk Management

  • Citrix Managed Services

  • Security Assessment & Health Checks

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