Is the #1 trusted platform to secure every identity, from customers to your workforce with SSO, Multi-factor Authentication, Lifecycle Management, and more.

Why Okta?

Data breaches are rising, and businesses are struggling to safeguard their systems while reducing end-user friction. Complex and heavy-handed security protocols may keep the systems safe, but productivity can take a dive if users become overwhelmed with constant security prompts. Okta combats this with adaptive and state-of-the-art access and identity technology.

Leveraging a single sign-on (SSO) application, Okta provides a single centralized interface to access third-party platforms. A critical element of Okta’s proactive approach to security is multi-factor authentication (MFA). With Okta’s advanced MFA technology, organizations can secure their accounts from credential theft and fraud, ensuring the bad actors are kept out. Okta allows you to secure everything from your customer-facing apps to your enterprise Apps and sensitive data.

Why LKMethod as your Okta Solutions Partner?

As an Okta services provider, we understand how to deliver strong end-user access experiences through popular cloud identity software. Every day, we bring the technical expertise and hard work needed to help businesses like yours thrive in an increasingly cut-throat business landscape. Innovation is at the heart of our business.

Our Team

The LKMethod team is carefully selected from partner, vendor, and customer community industry leaders. As a result, we’re uniquely positioned to transform business outcomes through compelling customer experiences and okta mastery.

  • Technical Services Expertise: With over 30 years of experience working in high security environments, we have skilled technical engineers that provide world-class consulting talent and expertise to your team.

  • Customer Solution Managers: Our strategic customer solutions managers average over 20 years of experience and are well versed in all things okta. LKMethod is with you every step of the way, striving for a trust-based, long lasting business relationship. 

Our Methodology

We strive for strong, positive relationships built on openness, honesty, and mutual success. As a respected leader in the community and industry, we take our approach to delivering IT services seriously. It all starts with a strategy, delving into the details of where you are today and where you want to be in the future. We deliver Okta solutions that work for you, offering the flexibility and security you need to thrive in an increasingly competitive business landscape and an increasingly severe cyber threat landscape. With Okta, you can achieve seamless and secure user experiences that perfectly balance security with productivity.

Our “WarpSpeed Process”

Meet: We engage with you early in the decision process to ensure that the purchasing recommendations are properly aligned to the goals of the business and the total solution delivers on your technology vision.

Design: Once the strategy is in place, we begin our proprietary information gathering process to develop a complete solutions design. With this, we work directly with your team to confirm that the solution aligns with the goals of the business.

Deploy: We want to compliment your internal knowledge strengths with ours. LKMethod ensures that you maintain the keys to the kingdom.  We made the deployment phase very short, once the design has been deployed, your acceptance testing can begin.

Document: Over the years we have learned that proper documentation can mean the difference between a supportable and properly running oiled machine and a hot mess.  Our documentation is a complete run-book which also outlines the logic and the way components run.

Manage: The ability to have a complete or partially managed environment is solely up to you. Not all companies possess similar staffing or product knowledge to maintain their environments.

Other Technical Services

  • Virtual Apps and Desktops Deployments

  • ADC/NetScaler Deployments, On-prem or Cloud

  • Endpoint Security & Management Solutions

  • Multi-factor Authentication Integration

  • Digital Workspace Integrations

  • M&A Integrations

  • Multi-Vendor Solutions Alignment

  • On-Prem to Cloud Migrations

  • Upgrades and New Installations

  • Governance & Risk Management

  • Citrix Managed Services

  • Security Assessment & Health Checks