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Citrix Employee Testimonial #1

I would like to introduce you to one of the best Citrix minds I have ever worked with.  

He is responsible for helping me with the vast majority of my major accounts, and has contributed a significant amount of revenue and pipeline to the  Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado markets.   For Example,  he helped me close an SDX 11530 Deal with 3 Years of Gold Maintenance this quarter …..in two weeks.   He continually upsells, cross sells, accelerates sales cycles, and continually provides impeccable customer service with ongoing support/consulting.

I highly encourage you to use LKMethod for any XenApp deals, or NetScaler deals.  He is THE BEST and will make you successful as he has made me successful.

LKMethod is a private 3rd party organization that specializes in selling/implementing/maintaining Citrix environments.  He does not sell competing products and has you and Citrix in his best interest.  I wholly believe in him, and his skills and will gladly put my reputation on the line any day of the week for him. – CITRIX EMPLOYEE