Technology Partner Program

LKMethod Partner Program

At LKMethod™ we team up with organizations with Best Practice in mind. For our technology partners, we offer Citrix, Nutanix, and Igel solution pre-sales and delivery expertise that can act to augment your current team’s availability or we can act as an extension of your team. The choice is yours to either use us when your people are too busy or to align your Citrix business and success with ours.  Our desire is to make it easy to partner with us and enable your margins to grow while costs remain managed. A large portion of our success has been because of our Citrix and Nutanix Partnerships. We work with you to help develop a more successful and profitable Solutions offering that ultimately benefits your customers.

  • Highly ethical business practices

  • Expert-level product knowledge

  • Free Pre-sales support

  • Free SOW creation

  • Discounted rates

  • Net30 Terms

  • Full Solution Design, Deployment, and Documentation

  • Overhead Costs Savings (don’t pay for bench time)

  • Increased Sales Volume

  • Proper Solutions Sizing

  • Increased Advisor Rewards

LKMethod Technology Alliances

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