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Hospitality Group seeks a more Cohesive User Experience

The other day we had a meeting with an International Hospitality Client discussing their need to create a cohesive user experience enabling Single Sign-on, Remote Access, and Content Inspection for their global user community, while also enabling their application architecture to be more nimble.  To make things more interesting the aforementioned mandates require continued PCI Compliance while also increasing Security Posture.  During this meeting, we did a deep dive into the details of “The LKMethod™ Reference Architecture” which enables you to be highly flexible while maintaining PCI and HIPAA compliance.
The reference architecture is tried and true while remaining industry, location (on-prem versus cloud), and infrastructure agnostic.  From a 100% cloud based deployment for 40,000 concurrent PCI Contact Center Agents, to HIPAA Application Delivery and Access and Control, to International Hospitality PCI – our Reference Architecture continues to outperform, while Increasing security posture and facilitating compliance.