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Healthcare CEO Discusses Continuity Challenges Through Pandemic


As we continuously push the importance of Business Continuity Planning and Strategy, we really wanted to hear from a higher level executive, and their point of view on working through crisis. In the past we dealt mainly with I.T. departments, mainly speaking with I.T. Directors, C.I.O.s, and C.I.S.O.s, but now we are talking with C.E.O.s, C.T.O.s, and H.R.C.O.s. Through these new relationships, they really understand the importance of their technology and how it can be utilized in more of an effective and flexible manner.

At LKMethod, we look at “The BIG Picture” of what the organizational needs are! Once we learn how the organization works and what the vision is for the technology, we can really apply a solid strategy and solution that works, especially during a crisis of any magnitude.

Business Continuity in High Security Environments

As we spend a lot of time working in High Security Environments, especially in Healthcare. Most High Security Organizations have multiple locations, multiple types of internal and external users(Employees, Vendors, Customers); the need to scale quickly, give access permissions, stay compliant, and provide device security is pivotal. Some organizations are set up correctly, but most are NOT, which is highly alarming! Fortunately with Dan he did have somewhat of a plan in place and it kinda worked… Could he of done better, well YES we can always do better!  But can you imagine if you had a Business Continuity Plan in place, where you didn’t have to worry about it?

We learned a lot ourselves when speaking to Mr. McKay, not only about his employees but about his patients and the geography. About how to give access to their Apps and Data, Telehealth, and the technical knowledge of his users. We were very honored to be able to take a few minutes of his very busy day to day operations, to discuss a very so important challenge that organizations around the world faced and are continuously facing now.

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