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The Power of Intelligent Workspace

Intelligent WorkSpace is here, a solution that will give your users a one of-a-kind experience, providing all business critical Apps in one place, without decreasing security or performance. One place, one single pane of glass for everything. A feed style interface that will alert the user of upcoming meetings, invoices to be paid, tasks to be completed, etc in a real-time workflow.

Top Benefits in Adopting Intelligent WorkSpace:

  • Single Sign-On Access to all Apps and Files
  • Consistent User Experience across All Devices and Networks
  • Easy Access to Find, Edit and Share Documents and Apps
  • Integrated Access to Virtual Apps & Desktops when Needed
  • Rich Mobile Productivity Apps and Cross-App Workflows

LKMethod Digital Workspace

A modern digital workspace to increase employee productivity and satisfaction by allowing them to work from anywhere while also decreasing costs.  Deliver Windows, Linux, and web applications or full virtual desktops from any cloud and/or on-premises. Cloud builds on this superior experience by simplifying identity management through a conditional single-sign-on (SSO) solution. Our Workspace fully aggregates all apps and data across all applications—both on-premises and cloud—to deliver the right experience to the right user at the right time.

Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktops

Virtual Apps and Desktops provide benefits beyond standard VDI appliance solutions, delivering fully-functioning virtual Windows or Linux desktops and the apps employees need to remain productive. A virtual desktop or app looks and feels the same as a locally installed desktop or application —even with demanding applications, such as 3D CAD engineering or design apps.

Real-time Analytics

Application Delivery Management provides full visibility and insights into your Virtual Apps and Desktops using intelligent analytics. You rely on Virtual Apps and Desktops for application and desktop virtualization. The foundation of virtualization solutions is HDX technology that has been architected to intelligently adapt our Independent Computing Architecture (ICA™) protocol to a wide variety of user and network scenarios. Our Application Delivery Management provides unique visibility into the overall performance of Citrix HDX technology and the ICA protocol giving you insights to optimize the delivery of Virtual Apps and Desktops.

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