Simplify Remote Access with Secure WorkSpaces

See how to utilize a cost effective approach to strengthen your virtual workforce with secure workspaces.

We know that most contact centers are struggling with the big switch to a virtual workspace. The virtual  workforce is real, the work from home employee that can just plugin and get to work from a desktop or laptop. We have a comprehensive solution  for contact centers that enhances productivity regardless of location, network connectivity, or desktop hardware.  

Citrix technologies simplify remote agent deployments while still adhering to PCI regulations that abound within the industry.  Agents can access and utilize expert resources regardless of location (internal or external) to the network with excellent performance and complete security compliance.

See how Contact Centers leverage our solutions in multiple areas.

First is to allow easier management and secure access to applications and desktops in the contact center; a great deal of organizations in this industry are currently using our solutions for this type of need.  Our solution can also be used to extend the life and reduce the support burden of PC Hardware that is placed at the desk locations.

Contact Centers are largely concerned about security and we have vast expertise in architecting an environment to adhere-to and enforce PCI Compliance.  In addition to architecting a secure deployment, we have successfully provided Web Application Firewall capabilities to front-end many at-risk applications using Citrix assets already owned.

While everything above is true, the main driver we are observing in this space is that there is the desire to be virtual.  To have a virtual contact center, with virtual agents, with virtual applications/desktops, and a virtual staff.  We excel in this area because that is what we do – providing a secure virtual workspace anywhere, anytime, from any device.  We are able to architect a fully secured, virtualized, and multi-datacenter redundant solution that does not require a single on-premise component that is fully supported in the cloud of your choice.

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