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Bringing Awareness Through Racing with LKMethod

LKMethod teams up with pro driver Kai Goddard and Track Rekord to bring awareness to The Chandler School in South Carolina!

Track Rekord is comprised of an elite group of professional drivers that offer one on one or group instruction, to make better and safer drivers to their customers across North America. Beyond their racing passion, they dedicate their time in making a positive community impact. This organization with their partners has raised over a million dollars with their kindness and generosity over the past 10 years with their dedication to their national outreach.

The Chandler School is a compact, dynamic, thriving educational environment that serves students in grades K-8th who have been diagnosed with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia. Their vision is to always put quality over quantity. To never grow their student body beyond 72 students. The student body is comprised of unique and talented children with a wide range of learning styles who benefit from small class size, specialized teaching techniques and individualized curriculum.

At LKMethod, we continue to push beyond the limits of security and business continuity with technology – bringing innovation to the next level. Also, sharing the same vision of quality over quantity, giving our customers the best-in-class solutions, with our highly knowledgeable team of technical engineers. Our team is very passionate about our partners and community outreach. This passion is in direct alignment with Track Rekord and The Chandler School. So, partnering with them was simply a no brainer!

We are happy to extend our partnership to the Carolinas to be a part of two amazing racing events for The Chandler School and Track Rekord’s Racing Team.  Kai Goddard will be the driver representing The Chandler School at next weekend’s World Racing League race at Virginia International Raceway and future race at Sebring International Raceway.