Increase Application Security & Functionality 

Delivering your business critical Apps and Data in a secure and usable manner is an absolute necessity, yet can be very difficult to accomplish without limiting flexibility.

Most of these issues stem from products or solutions being implemented wrong, this is why you need an expert in secure application delivery. Access boundaries have shifted from physical to virtual allowing users access to your and/or your customers data from anywhere. This enables your business to interact with people in new and exciting ways but it also introduces an opportunity to would-be attackers. Applications are quickly becoming a key differentiator between you and your competition.

DDOS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a way that attackers compromise the availability of your environment.  Their goal is to cause your app or network to be unavailable to your users, members, or partners.  Our application delivery solutions have built-in protection to block DDoS attacks out-of-the box.

Web App Firewall (WAF)

Is a (WAF) that protects web applications and sites from both known and unknown attacks, including all application-layer and zero-day threats. Despite increasing security challenges, our Web App Firewall delivers comprehensive protection without degrading throughput or application response times.

Access and Control

Our Application Delivery Solutions include the ability to ensure you are able to securely deliver and control access to applications for external entities (non-employees) as well as employees.  Protection from the outside world is a common concern, but isn’t the only one.  Single Sign-on, remote access, and content inspection are brought into a single solution for end-to-end Access & Control.  You can protect your network and devices from malware and data leaks and enforce security policies regardless of whether the employee is in the office, at home, or travelling.  This secure but flexible solution aims to increase user productivity and overall business flexibility by allowing instant and secured access to data, applications, or desktops anytime, anywhere, on any device, and across any network or cloud.

Analytics & Performance

Applications are becoming more and more distributed from on-premise, to cloud, to hybrid multi-cloud.  This not only increases the attack surface but also makes it more difficult to get a complete picture of the user experience and security status.  Our Application Delivery Management system manages, monitors, and troubleshoots your global app delivery from the data center to your branch offices and cloud through a single, unified console. Real-time network analytics information is collected and correlated across users and devices to give a complete picture of the infrastructure. Application Delivery Management allows you to identify and address performance issues and security threats rapidly and effectively.

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