Provides next-gen edge OS endpoint security, optimization, and control solutions for cloud workspaces and virtual desktops.


The coronavirus pandemic may have ushered them in, but distributed workforces are here to stay. IGEL OS allows workers to thrive from anywhere, while companies retain full management control and security of user endpoints, no matter their device.

With IGEL, our customers have achieved serious CapEx hardware savings, a reduction in ongoing operating expenses, and a more secure and easier-to-manage endpoint environment.

 Benefits of IGEL’s Next-Gen OS for Cloud Workspaces

  • Hardware Agnostic: Benefit from the highly secure Linux-based operating system for x86 machines. Regardless of manufacturer, the platform-independent IGEL OS is designed to be the standard enterprise-managed operating system for all x86 devices.

  • Minimize CAPEX Expenses: Eliminate new hardware costs by extending the life of your current assets.

  • Increased Security: Sleep easy knowing that the core operating system on endpoint devices has not been compromised. The Linux-based IGEL OS is virtually impossible to manipulate and highly resistant to viruses and other malware.

  • Easy to Customize: Make your endpoint devices look and perform exactly the way you want without overhauling your backend infrastructure.

Why LKMethod as your IGEL Solutions Partner?

As an IGEL Partner, LKMethod understands just how simple, smart, and secure, the IGEL OS is. We also have a highly skilled team stacked with the knowledgeable IGEL practitioners needed to help bring your goals to life. As a client-first business, we build lasting relationships and unbreakable trust with our customers.

Our Team

We make it simple. Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through the process and ensure you get the most from IGEL OS. As a thought leader in digital transformation and contextual workspaces, LKMethod is uniquely positioned to help our customers enhance their end-user compute environments through IGEL. We’re also results-focused, dedicated to our client’s success, committed to quality, and have deep knowledge of industry best practices.

  • Technical Services Expertise: With over 30 years of experience working in high security environments, we have skilled technical engineers that provide world-class consulting talent and expertise to your team.

  • Customer Solution Managers: Our strategic customer solutions managers average over 20 years of experience and are well versed in all things Igel. LKMethod is with you every step of the way, striving for a trust-based, long lasting business relationship. 


Our Methodology

We help solve your business problems. As an award-winning, end-user computing solution provider, LKMethod has the experience and consulting expertise to help organizations leverage IGEL effectively. This means reducing costs while future-proofing endpoints. Put simply, we strive for and guarantee the successful implementation of IGEL so you can start reaping the benefits.

Our “WarpSpeed Process”

Meet: We engage with you early in the decision process to ensure that the purchasing recommendations are properly aligned to the goals of the business and that the total solution delivers on your technology vision.

Design: Once the strategy is in place, we begin our proprietary information gathering process to develop a complete solutions design. With this, we work directly with your team to confirm that the solution aligns with the goals of the business.

Deploy: We want to compliment your internal knowledge strengths with ours. LKMethod ensures that you maintain the keys to the kingdom.  We made the deployment phase very short, once the design has been deployed, your acceptance testing can begin.

Document: Over the years we have learned that proper documentation can mean the difference between a supportable and properly running oiled machine and a hot mess.  Our documentation is a complete run-book which also outlines the logic and the way components run.

Manage: The ability to have a complete or partially managed environment is solely up to you. Not all companies possess similar staffing or product knowledge to maintain their environments.

Additional Technical Services

  • Virtual Apps and Desktops Deployments

  • ADC/NetScaler Deployments, On-prem or Cloud

  • Endpoint Security & Management Solutions

  • Multi-factor Authentication Integration

  • Digital Workspace Integrations

  • M&A Integrations

  • Multi-Vendor Solutions Alignment

  • On-Prem to Cloud Migrations

  • Upgrades and New Installations

  • Governance & Risk Management

  • Citrix Managed Services

  • Security Assessment & Health Checks

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