What is an Application Delivery Controller?

Application Delivery Controllers also known as ADCs, gaining traction within the last decade, largely due to increased demand for legacy load balancing appliances to handle more advanced application delivery requirements and improve application performance. Application delivery controllers (ADCs) are purpose-built networking appliances whose function is to improve the performance, security, and resiliency of Application Delivery over the web.

Hardware Defined Application Delivery Controllers

Citrix MPX

Performance: 500 Mbps–200 Gbps   


  • Managing web applications with multiple gigabits of traffic
  • Purpose built application delivery
  • Ultra high performance web application security
  • Single-security zone deployments

Citrix SDX

Performance: Up to 200 Gbps


  • Consolidating multiple physical load balancers
  • Providing flexible multi-tenancy
  • Multi security-zone deployments
  • Simplifying application rollouts from staging and dev environments








Software Defined Application Delivery Controllers

VPX - Virtual Appliance

Widely Deployed on Hypervisors

Performance: 10 Mbps–100 Gbps


  • Architecting hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Cloud native application load balancing for public cloud environments
  • Replace hardware based load balancers
  • Architecting scalable multi-tenant infrastructures

CPX - Virtual Appliance

Docker Containerized ADC

On-Prem or Multi-Cloud 


  • Supporting containerized applications
  • Migrating to a microservices architecture
  • Providing developers and DevOps teams with load balancing early in the app development cycle

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Only Citrix ADC

  • Provides flexibility to license ADC instances interchangeably between your on-premise data center and the cloud, across any form factor
  • Offers application and infrastructure intelligence for applications deployed on premises or in the cloud, as a service
  • Includes a complete end-to-end app delivery solution that encompasses server-side and WAN optimizations, in addition to securing access to SaaS environments
  • Provides a comprehensive device package for Cisco ACI deployments
  • Supports up to 115 virtual ADC instances on a single physical appliance
  • Provides support for heterogeneous digital workspace solutions

Application Delivery

Applications have evolved significantly over the years. The term delivery is now generally accepted as the means of bringing an application to the user in this new era of mobility and cloud. In the enterprise, business applications have moved away from desktop-bound software installed on a local server accessed by users across the LAN. Modern applications need to work across all types of networks, and at locations beyond the confines of the physical workplace.

Application delivery controllers, which are widely deployed as a key fixture in the enterprise, help applications adapt to the networks and protocols that are in place today. They also ensure that applications perform optimally, are always available and don’t present any security risks either to the user or business.

App Architecture

Application delivery is more than just enabling access to an application.  App architectures can be deployed in a manner that inherently increases overall security posture and accommodates very rapid delivery of new apps and functionalities without compromising compliance, i.e. The LKMethod™ Reference Architecture.


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