We deploy Citrix technologies up to 500% faster

The LKMethod

What takes other companies months to deploy, LKMethod delivers in as little as a couple weeks..

LK method

We design and deploy a Citrix solutions architecture custom tailored to deliver on your functional and organizational requirements.


  • Day 1: We meet to discuss your project and gather information
  • Days 2-3: We create the design implementing your information and get approval
  • Days 4-6: We create the solution and start initial testing
  • Day 7: We Document
  • Day 8: Knowledge Transfer


design & Plan

Design Creation

We work to be engaged early in the decision process to make sure that the purchasing recommendations are properly aligned to the business needs so that the resulting solution delivers on your technology vision.  Once the alignment has occurred, we begin our proprietary Information Gathering process and develop a complete Solutions Design for full agreement prior to configuration of any component.  At the same time, product acquisition typically is in process.




We want to compliment your strengths and internal knowledge with ours and the LKMethod ensures that you maintain the keys to YOUR kingdom, not us.  LKMethod has made the “Deploy” phase very short and once the design has been deployed, your acceptance testing can begin; often within days rather than weeks or months.


We have learned over the course of many years that proper documentation can mean the difference between a supportable and properly functioning oiled machine and a complete mess.  In 2012, we were pulled into a Citrix environment that we deployed way back in 2001; believe it or not, it was still running!  Although it was still in production, there was one significant “pain point” that had gone unresolved for a couple of years.  Fortunately, the client still had the documentation we developed in 2001 and the problem was resolved within minutes.  Our documentation is not only a complete runbook; it also outlines the logic and way that components function.