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Client Testimonial #4

Following up on rapid involvement and resolution to my immediate security concerns, I decided to engage Lyndall as my top technology professional.  Rather than folliwng my normal mode of operating and upon Lyndall’s suggestion, I engaged him on a contract and part-time basis rather than hiring a senior technology professional as a full-time employee.  Although this was not my normal fashion of employing senior technology talent, I went along with his suggestion based on the trust he quickly had earned.  I have not regretted that decision.

Not only a proficient technology design and implementation specialist, Lyndall is well versed as a team and project manager.  Over the last year, Lyndall has taken over leadership of my entire technology team, increase the service levels provided from our technology, decreased downtime, and save my organization thousands of dollars per month, every month!

Based on my personal experience and benefit Lyndall has brought to my organization, I strongly suggest that you consider his expertise and unique offering of “LKMethod” Services for your organization.  I am confident that a year down the road, you will have the same opinion of Lyndall as I do. – LKMethod CUSTOMER PRESIDENT/CEO