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Citrix Analytics

Predict User Behavior with A.I. and Machine Learning

Deep Insights and Autonomous Actions

Modern security solutions are increasingly becoming proactive rather than reactive. Instead of waiting for an actual trigger, the focus is shifting towards making use of the historical data to predict potential security incidents and taking appropriate actions to prevent such incidents from occurring. Citrix Analytics utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict threats and take proactive actions autonomously.

What is Citrix Analytics?

With the widespread cloud adoption, organizations have virtually unlimited data at their disposal. However, data is only as useful as the actionable insights derived through it. Citrix Analytics is a SaaS offering from Citrix Cloud that utilizes historical data to understand user behavior over a span of time and generate user trends. It applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to derive insights from data across apps, users, networks and endpoint devices. Any anomalies in the usual user behavior patterns, such as excessively accessing sensitive files or unknown location, trigger Citrix Analytics to impose security policies automatically. It not only identifies malicious activities but is also fully capable of taking actions in the event of anomalous user, app or network behavior. 

Managing Risk Profiles and Detecting Threats

As mentioned earlier, Citrix Analytics understands user behavior based on past data through machine learning and artificial intelligence. Based on that, it creates an associated risk profile against each user within the organization. Depending on certain risk indicators, users are designated high, medium and low-risk profiles. Behaviors or events placing the users in the high-risk category can be viewed along with the actions taken to contain potential security threats. For example, if a user is accessing too many sensitive files, unlike his usual behavior pattern, he may be prompted to re-authenticate and even partially or completely blocked to avoid a breach. Similarly, it isn’t logically possible for an employee to log in from two different continents within a span of a few minutes. Citrix Analytics can make smart decisions autonomously in such situations by blocking access completely. 

Benefits of Citrix Analytics

Citrix Analytics leverages data across apps, users, files and networks. It can be easily integrated with other on-premises and cloud-based Citrix products. Citrix Analytics provides administrators with complete visibility across the organization’s environment and provides actionable insights that can enable proactive measures against impending threats. It also allows custom conditional rules such as a recorded XenApp or XenDesktop session on excessive file download. 

In addition to security, insights from Citrix Analytics can also detect anomalies in app performance and generate alerts. As a result, instead of waiting for user feedback for poor performance, IT teams can proactively handle the situation and ensure optimal app performance. Administrators can also leverage sophisticated insights from Citrix Analytics to analyze resource usage, optimize resource allocation, cut down costs and improve operations

Being a SaaS offering, Citrix Analytics does not require everyday management and regular maintenance. The software is always up-to-date and is managed by Citrix. An intuitive security dashboard provides cross-product visibility. However, being cloud-based does not mean that it cannot be integrated with on-premise Citrix offerings. In fact, it can be integrated across the entire Citrix portfolio without interrupting the ongoing business processes.