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Practice Safe H.M.C. with a “Strategy First” Mentality

Dominate with Strategy first, before deploying any of your Apps to the cloud. This is where we shine, we will help you not only develop a bulletproof cloud strategy, but will also build and deploy the architecture that will help you have full visibility, infinite flexibility, and it will provide deep analytics.

Why Organizations Move to the Cloud

  • To Easily Monitor App Usage and User Experience
  • Reducing Cost with Easy Scalability & App Creation
  • Providing a Simple Way to Port Apps between Cloud Providers
  • Creating the Best Experience for Users Utilizing Multiple Apps

Public Cloud

In a public cloud deployment the cloud providers will have security guarantees on the infrastructure that they are providing.  Unfortunately, those guarantees do not extend to the applications and data that are resident in their infrastructure – that responsibility rests on your shoulders.  Our Application Delivery Strategies span your local datacenter and make the public cloud an extension of your existing environment allowing you to leverage the people, skills, and tools that you already rely on to manage and maintain your apps.

Private Cloud

Some enterprises wish to build their own private cloud environment to accelerate their business technology.  To gain the real efficiencies of a private cloud, app services like secure application delivery, orchestration, cloud management, consulting, and support are all necessary considerations. Our application delivery platform meets all of these needs and our LKMethod™provides the knowledge to help architect your provider and tenant tiers to provide proper segregation of services.


We find that many organizations are not willing to be bound to a single cloud provider.  How you architect your application delivery solution will determine whether you will succeed or fail in a multi-cloud approach.  Areas of concentration should be around analytics, common code base, access and control, cloud availability and failover, monitoring and notification, performance optimization, and management orchestration.  


Businesses today are recognizing that datacenters are very expensive, thus more and more are placing their applications in a colocation environment.  This has distinct benefit in that they gain the flexibility and scalability of a public cloud but maintain the responsibility for security, management of traffic, and availability of applications and services.  Our solutions are fully supported across on-prem, colo, public, and private cloud environments. 

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